“dropped off the edge again down in juarez. don’t even bat an eye if the eagle cries the rasta man says. just cause the desert likes your girls’ flesh. and no angel came.”-Tori Amos


MoMentuM PrOduCtiOns, 2007

las mujeres de juarez, co-creator/director/performer

copyright 2010 . vanessa mercado taylor . all rights reserved.

Since 1993, more than 4,000 women and girls have been brutally murdered in an environment of corruption, machismo, poverty and impunity.  In 2006, the MMM ensemble traveled to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to conduct interviews with the victims’ families.  How do you dramatize something as painful as death and as sacred as the relationship between a mother and daughter?  How do you tell another person’s story without appropriating?  How do you stage a femicide?  A team of multi-disciplinary artists explores through a physicalized narrative-the body as a site of knowing, space as a place of fictitious memories and horrific facts.  Ultimately the questions are turned onto the audience and we ask:  Can performances precipitate change in society?  How can conversations lead to action?